Gritting and snow clearing


As part of our comprehensive grounds maintenance service we have the facility in place to act when the weather turns to wintery conditions.

Our 4x4 specialist snow plough vehicles are able to effectively clear snow from roads, car parks, pavements and service roads together with the gritting facility, these areas can be made safer and accessible.

Our gritting is done using only Grade 1 white treatment salt. We have decided to use this top quality product as it is the only type that does not leave stain residues on shoes and carpets.

How do we provide this service?

Firstly, once we have received an enquiry, we would then ask to arrange a visit to your site to discuss your requirements and make a basic survey, at this point we would then recommend a contingency plan to be put into place.

Once this stage has been completed, we will monitor the weather via the Met Office and use the online postcode search for your area to access meteorological data. If the overnight temperature is set to fall to below 0 degrees Celsius we would then contact you through your preferred choice, either email, phone, text or fax. We would tell you the forecast conditions for over night and at that point you may wish us to enable the contingency plan. We will then be on high alert and if needed, attend during the hours of 7pm-6am making sure that by the time you arrive for work the site is clear.

We also realize that snow can fall at any time and many places are open 24 hours, for this we offer a call out service so contact us today!

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